Polarized Fastrack Sunglasses are special series of Glasses, That will gives you extra comfort. It will reduce the glare on water, pavement, and other reflective surfaces simply by filtering the light coming from different angles. These special series of Polarized Fastrack Sunglasses make colors and objects appear clearer. So you can see every detail of the open road, golf course, or mountain trail ahead.

A real Polarized sunglass is not cheap and whatever available in the market and the seller is saying that is polarized is not correct. and you now you can check it yourself easily without any technical knowledge. Please be noted that in Bangladesh, every Fastrack sunglasses is not Polarized. So, it’s better to know the tricks and apply “How to Check the Sunglass Polarization“.

This is a good practice before buying any Polarized Sunglass you test it with different methods. One method may not give you the perfect result. Again, polarized sunglasses are not cheap so before you make the purchase make sure you have tested with different ways to make is sure that you are buying the right one.

Don’t just believe the way that traditional shop keepers shows with a small 3D paper or board. Time has changed and you already have several options to check it yourself.

Here is another handy tricks on “How to test Polarization with Smartphone?


How to Test the Polarized Fastrack Sunglasses?

Let’s do some quick tests and find some useful tricks to identify that either your Polarized Fastrack Sunglasses really Polarized or not.

First of all if you are in front of Computer or Laptop try this simple method-



If you are not in front of Computer or Laptop then here is some other options to test the Polarity of the Polarized Sunglasses.

Polarization Test

Polarization Test Info Graphic. PC: sunglasswarehouse