Sunglass Polarization test with Smartphone

There are many ways to Test Sunglass Polarization. Polarized sunglasses are not so cheap. That is the reason you need to test it proper way before you buy it. Among them, there are few methods is popular and used widely. In this article, we will discuss few most popular polarization methods and compare with the latest tricks to Test Sunglass Polarization with your smartphone.

Why this method is becoming most popular, YES! It’s because almost everyone has latest Smartphones and we always carry with us. So, instead of believing the old techniques. So, let’s get into the tricks on how to Test Sunglass Polarization with Smartphone

Test Sunglass Polarization with Smartphone

This is standard view with a Polarized Sunglass

Polarization test with Smartphone

It will show black when you rotate it 90 degrees.

Please be informed that this method may not be applicable for all smartphones. This is because of the glass technology. Few models and branded smartphone support it natively only because of the nature of the display. So, if you ask- Which models of Smartphone support this testing method? Here is a small video that may help you to get your answer better.

In another article, we have shown How to Test Polarized Fastrack Sunglasses with several ways. In that article, it was based on Computer, but in practical life, we often don’t roam with a laptop while we go for shopping. That is the main reason we need some alternate and handy method to test sunglass polarization.


The traditional way of Polarization test:

In retail shops or showroom follow the traditional Polarized Card Test procedure. In this way, they ask to see a test board. It shows different views with Non-Polarized & Polarized glasses. This is a simple test, but if you need to make sure to buy an expensive polarized sunglass, then this is always a good practice to check with several methods.

 Polarizer Test Card


Final Statement for Test Sunglass Polarization with Smartphone

Polarized sunglass is helpful and useful to wear in the sunny day. This is crucial test your sunglass with the different testing method and makes it sure your purchase is worthy. Hope this tricks will help you to get the original polarized sunglass and to enjoy more clear views.