Here is all about the Latest Fastrack 3151KM01

Fastrack is widely popular in India. It is due to the high-end quality and strong characteristics. One of their successful models is Fastrack 3151KM01, a watch with an interesting design. Many things are positive about this watch.

This is a newly released model but unfortunately, we didn’t find details about this watch. It looks really nice but without proper description, it’s little odd to offer it as one of the best seller Fastrack watches in Bangladesh. So, we decided to write about it.

We took the product from our warehouse and start close looking into it. Interestingly we figure out few awesome information which even NOT available on the manufacturer website. So, we hope it will help you to take a quick decision buying this timepiece.

Fastrack is getting popular in Bangladesh in recent years. With a wide variety and with a trendy design, Fastrack watches are one of the top seller watches in Bangladesh. Here we will be discussing the latest collection of Fastrack Gents watch model – 3151KM01.

Fastrack 3151KM01

Why should you buy Fastrack 3151KM01 watch?

YES! There is some valid point to buy this watch. Don’t just buy the watch after seeing the picture. It has a lot more to know. And it’s always better to do a homework before buying a new wristwatch. After all, you will not buy a new watch every alternative day. 😀

This Fastrack 3151KM01 Doubled base is what makes it different from all other models. You can look sophisticated and modern at the same time. Two mainframes provide accurate time measurement in all aspects. The function is an analog for better visibility. If you want the watch that looks futuristic and reliable, then choose this one.

Men are perfect buyers of this watch because of its size. It looks better on man’s hand and that is why so many buyers love it. You can be sure that all people around you will notice the watch. The Very attractive design is visible on each step.

The specification is telling you that overall characteristics of the watch are very good. This Latest Fastrack 3151KM01 has a water resistance of up to 50 meters, which is quite enough for most users. You do not have to worry if the watch becomes wet under the water. Solid construction will protect it in the right way. Taking a shower with the watch is possible with this model.

Fastrack 3151KM01

Materials for constructing the watch are carefully selected. Stainless steel makes it more protected from overall influences. Back cover is strong enough to resist the everyday usage, so you can be sure the watch will last for long. Colors are well-combined with the intention to match the taste of future buyers. Everyone will like the silver and black combination on the wrist. In addition, two frames provide a specific look.

You will certainly get a lot of attention with this Fastrack 3151KM01 watch and that was the main goal of the designers. They managed to make a watch that looks completely unique while providing reliable information about the time. These features make it special in the world of quality watches.

Key Features of Fastrack 3151KM01

  • Dial Color: Black,
  • Case Shape: Oval
  • Band Color: Silver,
  • Band Material: Metal
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz,
  • Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters
  • 1-year warranty

Specifications of 3151KM01

Band Color
Band Material
Dial Color
Display Type
Case Shape
Item Weight
422 Grams
Model Number
Part Number
Warranty Type
Water Resistance
50 Meters



That was little about the Fastrack 3151KM01 watch. We hope this approach will help you to take quick decision. If you think this trendy watch is suitable for you. Then you can buy it from our recommended Fastrack online shop and can get home or office delivery to your location.