Watches are known as men’s one of the best ornaments. An awesome wristwatch can change your style in a minute. Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ is one of the latest collection from Fastrack watches. This watch is made with Genuine Leather band and simple but trendy design. The dial has a fresh look that makes this watch unique.

Every man loves to have a sporty watch, something they can be convenient and stylish. They can be worn with pretty much everything, even a nice clean sleek suit for a business occasion. With this watch you get the mineral colorless glass covering the watch hands, the watch band is very comfortable around the wrist made of leather, and it is very accessible to any size of hands. Sometimes watches dials are too small for guys who have bigger fingers and find it hard to change the time when thy first get the watch to set it rightfully.


Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ


Here are the 4 Best Features that you should look into it-

  1. Sports watch: when you have a sports watch it is easy to keep track of fitness and at your own pace. It is inevitable that if you start working out you will get yourself one. They have become a staple for being an accessory necessary for the sports people.
  2. Leather band: the leather band makes for a comfortable fit. Not too restricting with some flexibility. Also the fact that it is leather means that the wear and tear level of it will be minimal. Good leather lasts a long time. And you can also find different ones to switch out to keep them fresh looking if you want.
  3. 100 Meter water resistant: water resistant seems to be the new trend. Everything is these days, especially phones. It being water resistant also makes it easy not to worry about it getting wet in the rain or something and thinking, will it make the watch malfunction.
  4. Analog display: analog dials always show a range and you can always see it, you do not have to guess. Plus the values on analog always give you an approximation of a value. And then when you need the time or something you can easily just click to get it.

Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ

Here are 2 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

  1. Professionalism: the look of the watch creates a sense of professionalism around you. There has been some research about how walking into an interview wearing analog watch will help you get the job. Especially being a millennial it gives you that edge and it makes people believe that you can actually be in this environment.
  2. Heirloom Value: it is always unique when you see people with an analog watch because people rely on their phones and digital watches because it is “easier”. Or they go out and get the smart watches. Well, analog watches have such a high value on them, they can be passed down h=throughout the family. It could be worth a lot someday.



Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ


Pros & Cons

One thing that most people do not like is the fact that the time displayed on the watch is not displayed digitally but more so as 2 or 3 continuously moving pointers. But on the plus side, this watch has its own beauty and that is the elegance and simplicity. And then the watch keeps us on our toes using our brains. Another con though would the fact that analog watches always need a battery so you will keep having to replace it when the time comes.

Where do i will get this Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ?

In Bangladesh, there is very limited place where you can buy the Genuine Fastrack watches. If you want to buy Authentic Fastrack NG38015PL03CJ in Bangladesh, you can easily Shop online and get home or office delivery.


Final statement of this Review

Go out and get yourself one of these watches before they run out. If you are a sporty person you will not want to miss out on a great deal during this time of the season. As mentioned above you see it has some very good features that will come in handy in the least expecting times.